Internet connectivity

We can provide a multitude of different types of internet connectivity. The most suitable connection typically comes down to cost, availability and time scale. We have several customers who we provide high level Cisco consultancy including two other ISPs. We have experience in implementing BGP peering and can assist with all aspects of the RIPE application process.

ISP services
RockIT are setup as an ISP which allows us to provide internet connectivity directly. This removes the traditional ISP from the chain which is a huge advantage at events where assistance could be needed 24 hours a day and at short notice. As part of this offering, we are able to provide the following data services;

  • ADSL
  • FTTC
  • Analogue Phone lines
  • ISDN2
  • ISDN30
  • Leased line (10Mb to 10Gb)
  • EFM
  • MPLS
  • SIP Trunking
  • BGP peering

Please get in touch if you have any questions about theses services.

WISP services
We have several partners in London and around the UK who are able to provide high bandwidth internet connectivity at shorter notice than traditional leased line or ADSL/FFTC. Typically this involves using a network of microwave point to point links from roof tops to the relevant location. We can bring lead times right down to as little as a week.

Satellite services
We own several satellite systems that can be deployed anywhere throughout Europe and parts of North Africa to obtain broadband internet speeds in the most remote locations.

Speeds are typically quoted as 22Mb Download and 6Mb upload. These systems are fairly quick to set up, usually taking about 1-2 hours. They require a direct line of sight to the sky towards the south. The business packages don’t tend to suffer from contention in the same way that other solutions such as 4G do. These systems can be used for streaming and general internet access for small numbers of users.

For more serious usage and broadcasters, we can arrange to have uncontended guaranteed bandwidth of 10Mb up and down. This service is paid by the minute and has to be booked in 15 minute blocks. On top of this service, we are able to deliver video content from source to the BT tower where it can be broadcast to the world or handed off to content delivery networks. This occurs across entirely private networks thereby avoiding the unpredictability of the open internet. Please get in touch for further details and pricing.

4G Services
We can provide 4G packages that simply need power to work. They will broadcast wifi directly. These work across most of the UK. They are suitable for small production offices and site offices.

We have access to the Arqiva mast data which allows us to give very accurate predictions on which 4G provider is going to offer the best coverage at your location. Our products work with all the major networks in the UK and Europe.

We don’t typically recommend 4G for critical networks as the 4G network can be very unreliable, particularly when at event locations where you have to contend with hundreds or thousands of other phone users. Where there are no other options, we have solutions that allow us to load balance or bond across multiple SIMs and other WAN connections in order to give the most reliable solution possible.