Video streaming is a very popular way of getting your event to a global audience. RockIT Networks do not directly provide video streaming solutions for websites. We have a strong partnership with Wave FX for this type of service.

RockIT can  provide professional broadcast standard encoders/decoders for Broadcast video transmissions with bit rates up to 50Mb. These units provide an end to end HD-SDI hand off. They can accommodate embedded audio and a separate comms feed via XLR. Our units provide FEC to provide tolerance for less reliable links.

We can provide dedicated private networks from source all the way to the BT Tower in order to avoid the public internet. This ensures the best reliability possible. Video is handed to us on site as HD-SDI and presented as HD-SDI at the BT Tower. The graphic below shows the traffic graphs from two encoders transmitting across the internet from the UK to RAI in Italy.

The same units can be used to transmit high definition video across an event site where the distance of SDI cables is limited.

Another product we use for video encoding is Skype TX. This allows us to create interactive conferences and interviews from anywhere in the world. These units can even be used to receive a standard Skype call. It is also possible to send an audio comms link out of band to the remote end. Call for more details.

  • Broadcast standard encoder/decoders