Wifi is becoming more important for event and film locations. Users expect to be connected where ever they are. We can provide solutions that cater for hundreds to thousands of users both indoors and outdoors. We specialize in solutions for notoriously difficult high capacity situations such as technology  events and press zones for sporting events. When you have hundreds of users in a small area, the noise / interference caused by all of the devices will cause most Wifi networks to fail. With careful planning and the right equipment, we can ensure that everyone is able to get online quickly and efficiently. We are able to provide solutions from the top manufacturers such as Cisco and Ruckus. Both these solutions use controllers to manage the wireless environment in real time.

Our Cisco solution can also be used with a cloud based controller for smaller jobs where less access points are required. This gives much greater flexibility.

We can provide a bespoke welcome page (splash page) via a captive portal which allows you to take payments or require a Facebook like in order to log in. In this way, Wifi can be used to generate a revenue.

Our Wifi solutions provide very useful analytics that help event organisers to know what their users are doing while connected to the network. We can also prioritise certain types of traffic to ensure that the important traffic is not slowed down by application updates or dropbox.

We are able to provide location based tracking information with the use of additional servers. This allows us to give information about which areas are most popular and most busy during an event. Location information can be exported via API to third party applications for processing.

  • Detailed realtime usage statistics