RockIT can take care of all your infrastructure needs. We can help with permanent fibre installations and rapidly deployable tactical 4 core fibres.

Fibre allows us to extend the network infrastructure beyond the limitations of cat5 (100m) up to a theoretical distance of 10km at speeds up to 10Gb. This makes it invaluable on large outdoor event sites.

We own splicing and test equipment. All of our installations are accompanied by a complete OTDR test certificate in accordance with industry testing standards.

We own 300m and 500m Neutrik Quadcon tactical fibres and associated break out panels for temporary installations.

Some of the major events we have provided fibre infrastructure for include;

  • Farnborough International airshow – permanent fibre installation
  • Baku European games – temporary fibre network for broadcast across 20 venues
  • London 2017 – Permanent and temporary fibre around the stadium and across to two broadcast compounds
  • We have Tactical Fibre in 300m and 500m lengths