RockIT Networks

We specialise in providing network solutions for Broadcast, Music, Sport and Events.

Some of the services that we provide are;

  • Fibre distribution and installation – using tactical rapid deployment fibre as well as install bespoke fibre.
  • Wireless networks (Wifi) – Both Indoor and outdoor high density systems.
  • VOIP – IP Telephone systems from 1 to 500 handsets.
  • Network design and bandwidth management – Utilising dedicated firewalls and routers allowing up to 10Gb high speed routing.
  • Internet connectivity – from leased lines to satellite internet

Some of the more specialist services include;

  • Broadcast standard networks
  • Private network links to Broadcast distribution networks
  • Comms/Audio over IP
  • Broadcast video encoding over IP


Here is a selection of the type of equipment that we have available

Cisco Catalyst switches (8,12, 24 and 48 port POE+)

These switches offer top class performance with all of the features that are required for large scale networks. As well as offering dual 10Gb SFP+ uplinks, all of these switches provide POE+.

Cisco Catalyst fibre distribution switches

These switches have multiple SFP+ ports which allow us to build large scale logical star topology networks at 10Gb speeds. With 40Gb uplinks and virtual stacking.

Cisco Nexus fibre distribution switches

These switches have multiple SFP+ ports which allow us to build large scale logical star topology networks at 10Gb speeds. With 40Gb uplinks and virtual port-channel capability

Fortigate firewalls

These are very capable devices that are able to comfortably handle thousands of users at tens of gigabit speeds.

Cisco Access points

These access points are the ideal choice for High Density networks because of their MU-MIMO technology which allows the radio to serve multiple clients at the same time. They also allow the re-use of redundant 2.4Ghz or 6Ghz radios in the 5Ghz band offering further capacity to busy environments.

Symetrix┬áRadius 12×8 Ex

The Symetrix Radius is a 12 in / 8 out DSP processor with full 128 Dante channels. They are equipped with a primary and secondary Dante network for redundancy. These units enable us to send full range audio across gigabit network links for PA systems, recording and comms.

Systembase C530ip-s

These units are perfectly placed for providing audio links for PA as well as comms for broadcast. We have successfully sent full range audio across microwave point to point links for PA requirements.

Why RockIT

RockIT Networks came about through the culmination of many years of corporate Cisco network consultancy, rock’n’roll music touring and event networks.

The corporate experience demonstrated the importance of using the right equipment for the job. Having the right equipment saves hours of wasted time spent configuring and working around problems that shouldn’t exist.

The touring showed the importance of packaging, organisation and preparation. Good packaging and preparation allow kit to be deployed quickly and easily on site which saves time and troubleshooting.

Central to RockIT’s jobs are the crew. Having the right people on the job is crucial to delivering a top class event. We are lucky enough to have a large pool of very experienced technicians. Unlike normal cable engineers who would throw in equipment without labelling or checking it. We pride ourselves on doing things the way that the touring industry works. This allows anyone to walk up and understand a system with documentation and labelling to minimise troubleshooting.

Over the last ten years, we have gained a wealth of experience in specialised sporting events. We have been involved in the Olympics, World Athletics, Rowing, Major League Baseball, Football and Tennis. This experience has given us a specialist knowledge of supporting photo agencies, broadcasters, timing providers and general media.