Why RockIT

RockIT Networks came about through the culmination of many years of corporate Cisco network consultancy, rock’n’roll music touring and event networks.

The corporate experience demonstrated the importance of using the right equipment for the job. Having the right equipment saves hours of wasted time spent configuring and working around problems that shouldn’t exist.

The touring showed the importance of packaging, organisation and preparation. Good packaging and preparation allow kit to be deployed quickly and easily on site which saves time and troubleshooting.

Central to RockIT’s jobs are the crew. Having the right people on the job is crucial to delivering a top class event. We are lucky enough to have a large pool of very experienced technicians. Unlike normal cable engineers who would throw in equipment without labelling or checking it. We pride ourselves on doing things the way that the touring industry works. This allows anyone to walk up and understand a system with documentation and labelling to minimise troubleshooting.

Over the last ten years, we have gained a wealth of experience in specialised sporting events. We have been involved in the Olympics, World Athletics, Rowing, Major League Baseball, Football and Tennis. This experience has given us a specialist knowledge of supporting photo agencies, broadcasters, timing providers and general media.